It Happened on June 72nd

File this one in the “who the hell would’ve ever thought this was the correct behavior?” category…

Our dev team is moving into the bootstrap world, which means that we’re again learning how to manage date fields and date pickers.

Being the good tester that I am, I tried entering February 29, 2014 as test data. And the date field automatically changed to March 1st, 2014. Hm.

February 30th led to the date field changing to March 2nd. Well this is peculiar. It seems less-than-ideal that it would change the date without informing the user.

Let’s give it a really wacky date. What happens when I input 06/72/2014?

It changes it to 8/11/2014. Because, you know, August 11th is the proper way of representing June 72nd. We can count any number of arbitrary days from the beginning of a month.



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