Why I’ll Be Back at STARWEST

I’ll be returning to Anaheim next month to attend STARWEST1. I’ve been a couple times previously and have generally found it to be a useful, fun experience.

In looking at this year’s program, several topics/speakers stand out. I’ve found great value in the half- and full-day tutorials. One thing I like about STARWEST is that during the “regular” conference talks there are five or six tracks being offered, which generally means there will be something of value in each time slot.

Beyond the program (and this really applies to all conferences, not just this one) is the other key value in these events: the informal networking and conversations. Whether it’s over lunch at the event, in the hallway between sessions, or in the evening at a bar, I’ve made some great connections with folks from around the country who share similar (or dissimilar) testing experiences.

Nighttime at DCA

Looking towards Paradise Pier at Disneys California Adventure

Also: it doesn’t hurt that I’m a Disneyland fan.

Will you be at STARWEST? Let’s connect.

  1. I have no idea why STARWEST is in all capital letters. But it is. 

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