Hi there! I’m Aaron.

I’m a software test professional living and working near Portland, Oregon. I’ve been in the IT world since 1994 and the software development world since 2001 or so. I’ve worked for global corporations with six figures of employees, a locally-focused startup with a dozen folks, and everything in between including both private and public-sector employers.

In 2011, I presented at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference.

What Will You Find Here

Kwality Rules will be my take on software testing. You’ll find a mixture of tips, code, opinion, and real-world examples. Software is hard, but we can do better.

Dude! You Spelled Quality with a K!

Yep. Inspired by a sign hanging on a former coworker’s door that said “We put the K in Kwality.”

Rules Are Made to be Broken, Right?

Just what does the “Rules” part of Kwality Rules mean? The first is that here we’ll occasionally discuss the rules or guidelines of software quality. They’re subjective, but we have to start somewhere, and if we’re going to hold developers to a standard then we need to set that standard. The second meaning is a bit more excited… it’s Kwality Rules! As in… quality is awesome! Get excited about it! It’s almost as exciting as developers!

Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

Maybe. My other personality does photography and can be found wearing a USSF referee uniform.